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For additional information, please leave a message at (727) 548-6811

or e-mail us at AISPC@al-anon-pinellas.org

Calls or e-mails will be returned as soon as possible between the hours of 8:00 a.m. - 8:00 p.m.

The mailing address is:

P.O. BOX 1511
LARGO, FL 33779-1511



Contact Information for Members in Service

District 7 Officers
District Representative Kathy S. dr@al-anon-pinellas.org
District Alternate Representative Melanie B. alternatedr@al-anon-pinellas.org
District Secretary Kimberly S. district_secretary@al-anon-pinellas.org
District Treasurer Kathy R. treasurer@al-anon-pinellas.org
Al-Anon Information Service Officers
Al-Anon Information Service Liaison Elizabeth W. aisl@al-anon-pinellas.org
Al-Anon Information Service Secretary Jean F. ais_secretary@al-anon-pinellas.org
Al-Anon Information Service Chairs
Al-Anews Jan R. alanews@al-anon-pinellas.org
Alcoholics Anonymous Liaison Open aaliaison@al-anon-pinellas.org
Alateen Meetings Donna S. alateen@al-anon-pinellas.org
District Alateen Process Person Kathy J. dapp@al-anon-pinellas.org
Archives Heather D.
Cooperating with Professional Community (CPC) Michelle S. cpc@al-anon-pinellas.org
Group Records Shelly F. grouprecords@al-anon-pinellas.org
Information Line Lisa informationline@al-anon-pinellas.org
Institutions Ann Q. institutions@al-anon-pinellas.org
Literature Distribution Center Colleen H. literature@al-anon-pinellas.org
Public Information Jody B. publicinformation@al-anon-pinellas.org
Speakers List

Brad S.

Web Keeper Chris W. webkeeper@al-anon-pinellas.org
When & Where Susan C. whenandwhere@al-anon-pinellas.org
Event Chairs
2017 Gratitude Dinner

Joy & Ann


2018 Day of Workshops


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